5 Ways To Tell Your Employees and Clients How Much You Appreciate Them

  • Feb 7, 2018


March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day. Valentines Day is also approaching fast.  I can still remember Valentines Day at my first job 25 years ago. The reason? The president of the company walked around with a huge tray filled with roses that he personally gave to every single employee.  He took the time to thank everyone of us. It's the little things that people remember and appreciate. Here are five ideas to surprise the important people in your professional life.  Their daily contributions after all help your business be successful.


One Word....WINE!

We have so many wine promotional options it boggles the mind!  How about suggesting an after work "happy hour" to present your gift.  



Let Them Eat Chocolate!

Come on!  This one is a no brainer.  Everyone loves chocolate.  Have you ever thought about branding the chocolate?  We can help.



It's Lunch Time!

Lets face it, taking a break for lunch with coworkers is usually the best part of the day!  Give a branded insulated lunch bag so they think of your nice gesture every day!




 I'm Freezing!

Whats the number one office complaint?  My guess is...Its freezing in here!  This is the perfect office gift for this time of year.  We have lots of different price points and colors as well.


Where Is My Pen?!

Its no secret that people become attached to their favorite pens.  They mysteriously show up in other peoples offices, purses and all around.  Let us make your business some branded pens with a personalized name underneath.  We have many options available.





No matter what you decide upon, a small gesture of giving back ensures a positive message that resonates throughout the workplace.  Let Qualigraphics know if we can help you in any way!




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